Who We Are

Language Works (LW) designs and delivers customised, creative programmes to help people develop through learning. The responsive, energised and active learning environment further supports sustainable learning.

Clients continue to seek customised learning in response to rapidly shifting and increasingly complex business conditions. These changes impact people at all levels in organisations. They also require very specific approaches to delivering learning.

This continuing uncertainty will at the same time generate opportunities to imagine, invent and innovate. One thing is certain – Language Works continues to develop wide-ranging learning experiences and learning support to capture these opportunities.

Language Works (LW), is a network of associates who work with individuals and organisations to improve performance with innovative and interactive learning experiences and learning support. We develop skills and competencies for a wide variety of international clients.

Mission: To help people develop through learning
Vision: Leading, Lasting, Learning
Values: Relevance, Range of Services, Relationships

Why Choose Us

LW’s core strength lies in communicating openly, and collaborating with individuals and organisations to help achieve high levels of adaptability, agility and alignment to compete in the business world:

      • Developing people through learning.
      • Improving clients’ performance, productivity, and competitive position.
      • Devising creative ways to achieve lasting learning.

Relevance, range of services and relationships are central to LW, which was established in September 1995 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. LW develops, designs and delivers a wide range of learning experiences. These include learning materials, language proficiency, communication skills, trainer training and project management training.