Powerful stories offer us the opportunity to live vicariously through another’s experience. With stories, we discover how to listen, learn and share, and that we have more in common than we think. Stories reflect the human condition with narratives steeped in what connects rather than what separates us.

Sustainable Business Practices

Dr. Joel Carboni, President and Founder of GPM Global/President asapm – IPMA-USA, picks ten key elements of the Chartered Global Management Accountant® (CGMA®) designation’s recently released Top Ten Key Elements to Sustainable Business Practices in SMEs.   Take a broad view of sustainability. Engage outside expertise to ensure that your company considers every aspect of…


Committing to UN Global Compact

Language Works’ partner GPM Global recently pledged allegiance to the UN Global Compact, expressing commitment to using its influence to spread these UN principles worldwide. Product owners and asset managers have woken up to the fact that sustainability is critical to their survival. So, in the next four years sustainability will be at the forefront…


Cooling Urban Heat

  The greening of roofs is nothing new. Northern Scandinavia and Germany have practised this for more than a hundred years. However, today preferring green roofs to conventional alternatives is becoming more common in countries such as Australia, Canada, Greece and the US. In April this year France passed a new law, mandating that all…