PRiSM PRACTITIONER course leading to GPM-b certification

PRiSM, or Projects Integrating Sustainable Methods, is the approach to project management that you learn on the course. The method encompasses eight ISO standards, the UN Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and Global Reporting Initiative-G4 Framework. It places high importance on project success that extends beyond financial returns.

The course prepares you for the GPM-b foundational knowledge-based certification. It embodies the commitment of a project management professional to:

  • act as an agent of change
  • manage and direct efforts to maximize sustainability within the project life cycle
  • improve the construct and delivery of goods and services produced as a project deliverable
  • thoroughly consider and account for environmental impacts in project management roles assigned using
  • measurable standards

The GPM-b certification is the first project management credential for individuals demonstrating knowledge in delivering projects using sustainable methods.

This course is specifically for work-based practitioners. However, a candidate may attend the delivered sessions to gain knowledge. For example, if they are considering changing job roles. They gain certification by successfully completing the 150-question multiple-choice exam.

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