– Read and Retain More in Less Time

GRASP is not a routine ‘Speed Reading’ programme. GRASP uses a series of graded exercises to enhance reading speed. Participants are helped to double reading speed without loss of comprehension and learn techniques for raising reading skills further in future. But the main emphasis is comprehending, retaining and recalling what we read, using time optimally.

This 2-day programme uses a novel technique to do just that. Rediscover your reading potential with GRASP and become a ‘speed understander.’

Individuals who are proficient in English and who want to become more effective readers by:

  • Reading and processing and absorbing large amounts of written material without reducing comprehension.
  • Reading more, picking out important points when reading, and recalling more efficiently.

This includes project managers, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, business people, professionals and technical people, as well as students and candidates studying for professional qualifications.