Winner and Pioneer

At Language Works’ recent 20th anniversary celebrations, Director Brian Cracknell received the first Green Project Management (GPM) Global Partner of the Year award on behalf of the company. Awarded by GPM Global President Joel Carboni, it was in recognition of outstanding achievement in:

  • Competence development.
  • Contributions to PM discipline.
  • Commitment to advancing sustainable development.

GPM Global is a social enterprise – sustainability-centred and certified. It specialises in sustainable approaches to portfolio, program, and project management. It seeks to improve delivery capability without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Language Works joined the GPM Global effort in 2013 and up to now has focussed on training candidates for the GPMb, its most popular course. Among their corporate clients are SSI Schaefer, the German multinational. SMEs and larger companies who make HRDF contributions have also taken GPMb courses under the HRDF’s 1MalaysiaGRIP scheme.

“GPM’s partner network spans over 145 countries. So to receive the inaugural Global Training Partner of the Year award is very special for the Language Works team. It’s a great honour.” – Brian Cracknell.

And looking towards 2016? “Advocating project management’s role in responsible management education is key. So is continuing to provide sustainable learning that drives business value Projects integrating sustainable methods are the way forward.”

GPM President Joel Carboni also announced by video the 2015 GPM Individual award for Think Plus CEO Dr. Norsaidatul Akmal – the first Asian recipient. All in all, a sustainable year for Malaysia!


United Kingdom, December 2016 – APAC Insider Magazine has announced winners of the 2016 Business Awards.

The Asia Pacific region is one of the most powerful business regions in the world, and is home to some of the largest and forward-thinking firms on the globe. This vast region is also a hub for a huge and varied range of global sectors, among them manufacturing, tourism, communications and technology.

The APAC Insider Business Awards 2016 has rewarded and recognised the very best firms, departments, individuals and initiatives from across the Asia Pacific region to reward and celebrate their innovation, client care and performance over the past twelve months.

Jonathan Hicks, Awards Co-ordinator, said of the awards: “Businesses from across the Asia Pacific and the corporate landscape have worked tirelessly to ensure the, 2016 region’s continued prosperity, and as such it has been a true pleasure to be able to showcase the hard work and dedication of these committed companies and the individuals behind them. I would like to wish every one of my winners the best of luck for the future.”