LanguageWorks (LW), innovating since 1995, designs and delivers customised, sustainable training programmes to help people develop skills and competence. The responsive, energised and active learning environment further supports sustainable learning.

Clients continue to seek customised learning in response to rapidly shifting and increasingly complex business conditions. These changes impact people at all levels in organisations. They also require very specific approaches to delivering learning.

This continuing uncertainty will at the same time generate opportunities to imagine, invent and innovate. One thing is certain – Language Works continues to develop wide-ranging learning experiences and learning support to capture these opportunities.

Brian Cracknell

Language Works Founder and International Network Director

Established in 1995, Language Works brings together the expertise of founder Brian Cracknell and a network of associates. We specialise in innovative training in Communication Skills, Project Management, Trainer Training and – of course – Language.

Brian Cracknell strongly believes in applying innovative and improvisational techniques to learning and performance improvement. In this regard, he works with other trainers and facilitators to develop and deliver distinctive learning experiences and support. He constantly develops new learning experiences to adapt to clients’ needs in modern business.

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Green Project Management (GPM)

Projects Integrating Sustainable Methods (PRiSM) Practitioner is designed to improve project management competence and realise greater benefits from projects by using sustajnable practices. It aims to increase your value as both a reflective practitioner and project manager.

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Teaching, Training and Assessing (TeTrA)

TeTrA reflects the international nature of modern teaching, upgrading knowledge together with hands-on and practical skills and activities needed for helping others to learn in different contexts, cultures and industries.

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Business Communication

A range of programmes designed specifically to cope with today’s changing business environment. Learn to conduct business effectively, connect and create new knowledge and value through writing, reading, presenting, dialogue and cross-cultural competence.


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Top Trainers

Brian Cracknell

Brian Cracknell combines skills in language, communication and project management assessment with a firm belief in advancing sustainability principles in organisations. With wide-ranging interests from current affairs to new learning methods, he excels at customising programmes to meet clients’ demands. He has a degree in Russian, an MBA and a GPMb.

“One impulse from a vernal wood may teach you more of man, of moral evil and of good, than all the sages can.”

– William Wordsworth


Nita Bardhan began her career in Human Resources, before becoming a consultant and trainer. She is especially skilled in Presentation Skills, Telephone Techniques and Customer Service Skills, as well as English for Office Communication. Her experience in Human Resource Management makes her an empathetic and effective trainer.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Rani Arul embarked on a training career 10 years ago, having worked in various jobs. She brings to her Language and Communication classes a wealth of experience from stints in the legal, automotive, retail and fitness industries. She holds City & Guilds TeTrA and GPMb qualifications.

“May my teaching drop like the rain, my words fall like dew; like gentle rain on grass, like showers upon new growth.”

– Deuteronomy 32.2

Language Works associates are committed to getting results for their clients. Their strong interpersonal skills – combined with empathy, humour and responsiveness to individual and organisational needs – are valuable assets. They provide quality learning through courses, workshops, group work and one-to-one coaching.They regularly participate in training and professional development programmes to ensure they keep up with new findings and developments in their respective fields.

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